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Q: What are your cancellation policies? Can I cancel because of the weather, etc?

A: Policy Summary Below: 

We Do Not Refund but will offer Credit to be used for any rental or purchase at Summersville Lake Retreat.

Reservation Policy: We require 50% of the total amount due in order to make the Cabin or Camping reservation. The balance will be charged to the credit card on file, 30 days prior to your arrival. If guest would like final payment to be charged to any other credit card, other than on file, then it is the guest responsibility to phone in the other payment before 31 days prior to arrival. If booking is made 30 days or less prior to arrival, then the entire balance will be charged at the time of the booking.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations on reservations made 31 days or more prior to date of reservation will receive Credit minus a 10% cancellation fee. We do not refund. Cancellations between 15 to 30 days receive credit minus a 10% fee only if re-rented for the entire reservation period. No credit on cancellations 14 days or less. Understand that we cannot be held responsible for weather, illness, work schedules, or other situations affecting our guests and therefore, enforce our cancellation policy regardless of circumstances. Reservation rebooking or credit to account must be utilized within one (1) calendar year from date of initial reservation. For these reasons we strongly recommend travelers insurance.

Internet Policies: Our internet provider has limits to service to our region. We provide access free of charge to allow our guests to look up local attractions, check email and perform basic tasks. Use of streaming video (i.e. YouTube, etc) and/or heavy downloads will exhaust our bandwidth resulting in this service being severely limited. Please be considerate of this type of usage.

Senior Discounts: Senior Citizens (65 years or older) will receive a 10% discount with valid ID card number when making the reservation and must show the ID upon checking in. Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotion.  You must ask for the discount before you make the reservation.  Unfortunately you cannot ask for a refund for a discount after you have already reserved and stayed, but we will make sure to apply it to your future reservations.

GOOD SAM PARK DISCOUNTS:  We give a 10% discount for all Good Sam Camping Club Members with a valid ID card number when making the reservation and showing the card upon checking in. 10% Discount applies to nightly rates only.  If you are not a member, we can sign you up for just $29. You will get 10% off all of your Camping stays at any Good Sam's Campground. Additional discounts with your membership are for fuel and LP at all of the Pilot or Flying J's Gas Stations, Camping World gets up to 30% off and much more.  Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotion. Unfortunately you cannot ask for a refund for discounts after you have already reserved and/or stayed, but we will make sure to apply it for your future reservations.

Number of Guests: Cabin Rental or Camp Site is limited to stated occupancy of campsite or cabin. Unregistered guests are not permitted.

Visitors: There is a visitor fee of $5 per adult and $3 per child. Visitors may stay until 10pm or otherwise be considered an overnight guest which is charged to the guest. Occupancy of campsite still cannot exceed the amount of people staying overnight at a campsite of (6) six. 

Site Guarantees: We DO NOT guarantee specific sites within our campground. We will take note of your requested site and do our best to accommodate it. Summersville Lake Retreat reserves the right to change or modify site assignments based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to, occupancy levels, mechanical issues, weather and maintenance needs.

General Cabin/Campground Policies

CABIN: Check In time is 4:00 pm & Check Out time is 10:00 pm

CAMPSITE: Check In time is 2:00 pm & Check Out time is 12:00 pm

All registered guests must be at least 18 years old to be eligible to reserve and rent a campsite and 25 years or older for cabins.

A campsite is reserved when the rental fee for the site has been paid in full. Campers shall register at the Entrance Facility before occupying a campsite, unless otherwise instructed by posted signs or by other clear means. All fees will be paid prior to set-up on the designated site. Only registered guests may occupy the site. Maximum Occupancy of six (6) people per site, excluding group sites.

The primary renter of the site is responsible for the actions and safety of the registered guests and visitors of the campsite and will be liable for any actions of or damages caused by these guests or visitors. Camping in any manner other than in assigned numbered site is prohibited. All camping equipment and associated materials must be located within the confines of the assigned site. Campground sites and facilities are provided for the exclusive use of the registered campers.

All extensions or changes to reservations for additional days require prior approval. Extensions may be granted based on occupancy levels. Relocation may be required to accommodate additional days. All extensions require prepayment of fees at time of site confirmation.

Summersville Lake Retreat reserves the right to change or modify site assignments based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to, occupancy levels, mechanical issues, weather, and maintenance needs.

Campsites shall be vacated by noon on the day the campsite permit expires. Late check-outs are considered another night’s stay and will be charged to your account.

Quiet hours are in effect and shall be observed and enforced from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. This includes, but is not limited to, playing music, loud talking, and the use of generators and other powered equipment shall not be operated during quiet hours.

5 MPH posted speed limits must be obeyed within the Retreats boundaries, AT ALL TIMES.

No more than two (2) motor vehicles are permitted on a campsite or cabin at any time. Additional parking is available at the Lighthouse Parking Lot for any vehicles beyond two (2). Passes for additional vehicles must be obtained at Gatehouse.

Boat Storage is offered to our guests for the duration of the stay, in the front field, along Highway 129 inside fence. All instances must have prior management approval. A $5 per day charged will be assessed during this period and must be paid in full prior to boat being stored.

No camper storage options are available at Summersville Lake Retreat.

The washing of any equipment, clothing, cooking utensils, tableware, flatware, or any other cooking or eating paraphernalia is prohibited in comfort stations, bathhouses and washrooms. Please use outside utility sink or perform said duties at your campsite. Pets are not allowed in any comfort station and there is no bathing of pets in outside utility sink.

Fires are only permitted within designated fire rings located on the campsites.

Firewood cannot be transported into or used in this facility that has not been acquired at Summersville Lake Retreat, through either purchase or collection per recommendation of the West Virginia Division of Forestry. This greatly reduces the spread of forest diseases and insects and helps protect the park’s woodlands. Please help us in this preservation effort by adhering to the common sense rule.

Trenching or digging in a campsite is prohibited. Trimming of live trees, branches, and other native areas is prohibited. You are welcome to any downfall that is truly “dead and down”…but if you choose to cut any living or standing tree, you will be charged $100 per inch diameter.  

Hay, straw, boughs, pine needles or other similar materials shall not be kept or used in tents or screened rooms or under shelters for bedding or any other purpose.

Uncased weapons, including, firearms and bows and arrows are prohibited within the boundaries of Summersville Lake Retreat. No explosive materials or other dangerous substances are permitted, including fireworks. Discharging of any type of firearm or weapon, including pellet, BB and Paint Ball is prohibited.

Pets must be restrained on a sturdy leash not to exceed 15 feet in length and the owner shall clean up after the pet, keep it from disturbing others, and be responsible for any damage that may occur by their pets. Pet Policy must be signed and will be kept on file in office.

Wildlife is not to be fed within the park boundaries. Care should be used in the disposal of food and garbage to avoid wildlife encounters.

No bicycle may be ridden in the campground after dark, unless it is equipped with lights on both front and rear and the lights are turned on while bike is being ridden. WV State Law requires that all children under the age of 15 years of age must wear helmets when riding their bicycles.

All unlicensed motorized transportation units are prohibited for use (excluding Golf Carts with proof of insurance) within the boundaries of Summersville Lake Retreat.

Visitors: It is the policy of Summersville Lake Retreat to not provide information about our guests. Therefore, any visitors that you may invite to visit you during your stay must have prior knowledge of your cabin/site number prior to their arrival. Visitor fee is required ($5 per person, $3 Seniors (65+) & Children (7+). All visitors are requested to leave by 10:00pm. Site parking restrictions (no more than 2 vehicles per site) apply to visitors. Additional parking is available at the Lighthouse Parking Lot. Day passes for additional vehicles can be secured at the Entrance Facility when registering.  Intoxicated or unruly guests/visitors will be removed from property.

Cabin Policies

Check In time is 4:00pm & Check Out time is 10:00am

Check In: When you check into your cabin, you are encouraged to inspect the cabin and report any damages within the first two hours. If there are unreported damages after you check out, your damage deposit may be forfeited. Cabin Reservations must have a valid MasterCard/Visa/Discover/American Express Credit Card on file, in case of damages. We require a Damage Security Deposit of $250.00 if your stay is paid entirely in cash or debit card; if damage or extra cleaning charges apply you will be notified in writing. During winter months road conditions may require that you need a 4-wheel drive (if snow or ice is on the ground). No refunds will be given due to inability to get to cabin due to road conditions or grade in driveway/roadways. No shows will forfeit any monies put down. No Cabin Parties or Group Rentals.

Age of Cabin Rental Guest: Cabin rentals are limited to adults of 25 years of age or older.

Unregistered Guests:The fee for each unregistered person is $30 per night up to maximum occupancy and/or eviction of anyone over maximum occupancy. Cabins cannot exceed stated maximum occupancy per WV State Fire Marshall.

NON-Smoking: All Cabins are NON-SMOKING. $200 fee will be charged to the credit card on file, if there is evidence of smoking.

Pets: We welcome pets but we do ask that your pet be housebroken and well-mannered. If your dog is a barker, we ask that you keep it calm, or inside as much as possible. If your dog is wet, we asked that you do your best to dry them before letting them inside. If your pet is the shedding kind, please keep them off the beds and furniture. If your dog is going to be left alone, please notify us so we know they are there in case of an unlikely emergency. We want you and your pet to have a memorable stay with us so we ask you to follow these simple rules. Please understand the additional fee for pets is necessary due to the extra cleaning and maintenance involved. Aggressive animals cannot be accommodated and will be removed from the property.

Housekeeping: Housekeeping services are not provided during your stay unless requested at time of reservation. There will be an additional charge for various services, i.e. additional linen changes, etc. If additional housekeeping services are needed please contact the office. Wednesday there is a linen change on weekly rentals.

Fireplace: The cabin Fireplace is gas, please refer to lighting instructions or contact housekeeping for assistance. DO NOT PLACE ANYTHING IN THE FIREPLACE AND DO NOT MOVE LOG CONFIGURATION.

Hot Tubs: Hot tubs should be entered at your own risk. Hot tubs have chlorine in them. We are not responsible for any damages of personal items placed or worn in the hot tub. A shower must be taken before and after entering a hot tub per guidelines of Nicholas County Health Department. Please make sure the cover is on the hot tub and/or your outdoor fire is completely out before going to bed or leaving the property. Should your reservation stay last longer than 3 days, housekeeping will be checking on the hot tub for your continued enjoyment and safety. If you prefer to be there please let us know at check in and you will be called first if we have to enter your cabin.

Upon Departure: For keys taken from cabin, a charge of $12 will be assessed for each unreturned or broken key. Dispose of all garbage in outside garbage receptacles or a housekeeping charge could apply. When checking out, please turn off all lights, fans and turn air conditioner to 75 in summer. It is not necessary to strip off the linens off the beds. Make sure all towels are left in bathroom hamper. All linens and towels are counted, so please do not take them with you. Wash all dirty dishes and put back in cabinets or a housekeeping charge of $35 will apply. DO NOT move or remove any furnishings, accessories or linens from your cabin for any reason, or you will be charged. If TV or Direct TV are found disconnected there is a fee to you of $100 to reconnect.

Items left behind: Summersville Lake Retreat will not be responsible for personal items left behind in the cabin. If you request us to pick items up and mail to you, there will be fee applied to your credit card for this service.

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: Yes, with current ID, we have many ways to offer you a discount. AAA/CAA will receive 5% discount.  Seniors 65 or older and Good Sam Club Members will receive a 10% discount at time of reservation with current information.  We also sale the Good Sam Membership for $29 which you can apply your 10% discount to the reservation immediately because we are a Good Sam Park.  The discount applies at Good Sam Parks all over the United States with discounts for fuel and LP at Flying J and Pilot Gas Stations, as well as a 30% discount at Camping World. Ask our reservationist how you can start saving today!

Q: Will I receive the reserved site that I request?

A: Our reservationist try in every way to accommodate all reservations that request certain sites but we do reserve the right to move reservations as needed. 

Q: Are you right on the lake?

A: No, we are located at the southern end of Summersville Lake, less than 1 mile from Long Point Overlook and the shores of Summersville Lake. Although you may see an occasional speedboat from your front porch or campfire, there is over 100’ feet of vertical sandstone that separates us from the shoreline. The view of Summersville Lake and the mountains beyond are spectacular. We are literally “part of the scenery”, and direct access via a 1.2 mile woodland trail, is limited to those of a sound body and a spirit for adventure. For the less able bodied, continue past our entrance another two miles West on Highway 129 (Summersville Lake Road) to the Summersville Dam, the largest earthen dam East of the Mississippi River, where you will find swimming beach, boat launch –n- such. As you are driving across the Dam, be sure to check out the Gauley River National Recreation Area on your left.

Q: Do you allow pets?

A: Yes, we love pets . . . but we know pets. We ask that you be considerate of our other guests by keeping your pet on a leash not to exceed 10 feet and please pick up after them. If left unattended, pets shall be securely crated with their needs met . . . or if you love your pet as much as we love ours, we can arrange pickup and delivery service with one of the many well run local boarding kennels in our area. Please refrain from allowing your pet into the showerhouse. Aggressive animals will not be tolerated, and we ask that all of our guests, human or otherwise, respect our evening quiet hours.

Q: Do you have quiet hours in the campground? What about a campground host or night attendant?

A: Yes, we encourage people to enjoy the outdoors as much as we do . . . as long as their good times do not encroach on others. For this reason, we ask that all of our guests respect our quiet hours from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. Our onsite campground hosts and Gatehouse Courtesy Attendants are always at your service and pride themselves on meeting your needs. On more than one occasion, one of our night owls has commented on how helpful our hosts and attendants have been at procuring that 2:00 am bundle of firewood, or assisting with locked in keys.

Q: How many people can we have on our campsite or cabin?

A: Although our sites are spacious enough to allow for several tents both large and small, we ask that you limit your occupancy to 6 persons or less and no more than two vehicles per site. If you are looking for more elbow room to spread out, we suggest that larger groups consider two adjacent sites or one of our group areas where acres of privacy abound.  Occupancy of 6 for Cabins 1, 2, and 3, with an occupancy of 8 for Cabins 4 and 5. 

Q: Do you have a store or restaurant? What is nearby?

A: We have a Gift Shop near the entrance with souvenirs of all sorts including unique Swarovski & Hand stamped Jewelry that is made onsite, Wild Mountain Soaps, JQ Dickerson Salts are just the thing for that Chef in your life and hand turned Cabin Fever Turkey Calls by Rezin Hudkins, Appalachian Glass Ornaments and Thomas Works Wooden Products plus t-shirts and much more.  We also carry a few camping and personal products for those items you may have forgot. Unfortunately we don't have a restaurant onsite, but there are two wonderful restaurants just one mile in either direction of our entrance, Carft Kings, Long Point Grill & Bar and don't forget your ice cream just 2 miles away at Fat Eddies at the Dam.

Camper essentials could also be found at U Save Travel Plaza, just down the hill from our entrance. Two minutes down Summersville Lake Road in the other direction Fat Eddies has your favorite ice cream.  To fill a large grocery list or find a specialty item, the town Summersville is only ten minutes North on US 19 where you will find the local Food Lion and WalMart Shopping Plaza.

Q: How close are you to other activities? What else is there to do in the area?

A: In and beyond the Gauley National Recreation Area, Meadow River and New River Gorge National River areas are a plethora of places to go and things to do. We are in the heart of whitewater rafting country, with over a dozen quality river companies to choose from, the closet being only minutes from us. We can also give you heads up on the best rock climbing, mountain biking, horseback and ATV trail riding, both guided and on your own. From hunting antiques and exhibition coal mines to wild side cave tours and scuba charters, our rainy day itineraries can rival the best of what some areas have to offer.

Q: Do you offer seasonal sites? 

A: We do offer deals on weeklong stays, (stay six nights and the seventh free), and we encourage folks to stay and relax as long as they like, but we do not offer long term rates, nor do we allow any type of permanent structures to be erected on the sites.  However, you can stay as long as your site is paid for and as long as it is available.

Q: Can you store my camper or boat?

A: No, with the field that formerly held our storage, it's becoming a building site for our new Visitor Center soon.  We can no longer accept any long term storage, however, we will always have room to park our overnight guest's boats along our fence line.

Q: Do you have a playground or pool? - Closed 2020

A: Our recreation area is centrally located near the shower house and within easy walking distance to most of the sites. We do, however, require parental supervision for all children. You’ll also find ping pong, tetherball, bocce ball, carrom board with checkers, horseshoes, and it seems that nobody can walk by the cornhole courts without being drawn in . . . it’s addicting. We don’t have a pool because the swimming beach is just down the road from our entrance and our 1.2 mile trail to the lake is quite the area to swim or relax at. 

Q: How far is it to the boat ramp?

A: The closest and most convenient lake access on the South side of Summersville Lake is less than three miles down Summersville Lake Road from us to the Battle Run Recreation Area. This is a comfortable tow on a two lane blacktop 50 mph road. On your way to the lake, be sure to slow down for the entrance to the Long Point Overlook on the right, it’s a must see.

Q: Can you take our rental boat to the lake for us?

A: The US Army Corp of Engineers maintains an exclusive contract with the marina to have their rental boats “dockside” for their customers. For us to transport boats to the lake for our guests makes our boats “water ready at the dock”, violating that agreement, therefore our guests must launch and retrieve their own boats.

Q: What about kayaks and canoes?

A: For the vehicles with sports rack or luggage racks, rigging a paddle boat on top is a snap, and for other vehicles we have foam blocks that we keep on hand. It makes for a great vacation picture! We will of course, provide assistance getting it loaded on your vehicle, if needed.

Q: What do I need to tow a boat?

 A: Your tow vehicle should be equipped with a Class II , frame mounted trailer hitch with a 2” ball, (Please, no bumper mounted balls), and a trailer light harness plug. All of our trailers are equipped with safety chains and hold down straps, and lights systems wired through a standard four pin harness. We do have harness adapters and hitch receivers available, if needed. No worries, we will couple our trailer to your vehicle and perform a walk around safety check to ensure that everything is right before you leave the boat yard. We do insist however that all drivers have prior towing experience.

Q: Can we bring our dog onboard or in my cabin?

A: Yes, all of our pontoons are pet friendly. We do have a $25 non refundable per pet fee, with a limit of 2.

Q: Do I need a fishing license? Where can I purchase one?

A: Yes, the state of West Virginia does offer a one day non resident fishing license for $3, available at www.wvdnr.org or at the local Wal Mart, located off of Route 19 North in Summersville.

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