Lighthouse Info

The Summersville Lake Lighthouse was erected overlooking Summersville Lake in Mount Nebo, West Virginia on October 17, 2012.  Standing 104 feet tall with a top elevation of 2,164 feet above sea level, the 77,000 lb. structure was a cylindrical tower constructed entirely of 1/2 inch thick steel.  With a base diameter of 12 feet receding to 8 feet at the top, visitors can climb 122 steps to reach a 360 degree gallery deck offering unparallel views of Summersville Lake and the Gauley River National Recreation Area.  Visit our Facebook Page at Summersville Lake Lighthouse.

OPEN Daily - April thru October            By Reservation - November thru March

All Lighthouse Tours are weather permitting and is subject to change without notice.  Summersville Lake Lighthouse tokens are available at the Gift Shop. Open 9am-5pm   Admissions: $7 – Adults and Children 12 years & older, $5 – Children ages 3 years to 11 years & Seniors 65+, $20 – Family (2 adults & up to 3 children)  Group rates available.  Sunset Tours - $15 per person and Fireworks Tour - $20 per person  (Limit to 12 people only)  Watch the video of the day the cranes lifted the Lighthouse into place at the Summersville Lake Retreat.

If you ever played with an erector set as a kid, you may enjoy this footage that was taken the day that we lifted the Lighthouse.  On October 20th, 2012 All-Crane of St. Albans, West Virginia used a 230 ton header crane and 150 ton tail crane to do the erection....check it out....then come climb the 122 steps to the top....

Groups of 10 or more ($1 off each adult/child admission)

Group Rates and Special Tours, Contact 304-872-5975. 36 or more – Schools, Church Groups, Tour Buses, Senior Groups - $3.50 each

We welcome large groups to climb the lighthouse. These events require extra volunteer help and organization. It takes close to 3 hours to accommodate 100 participants.  Please plan accordingly.

Evening Tours begin at  6pm-9pm   ~  April thru October only and by reservation

Specials...  Night climbing tours are offered weekly during the summer months.  In addition to the weekly night tours, a full moon climbing tour is offered monthly; May thru October. Reservations needed.

Sunset/Full Moon Tours are offered first come, first serve on the day of, weather permitting.

Sunset Tour – Adults only: $15 per person

Full Moon & Special Night Tours (Adults Only: $15 per person) are offered weekly during the summer months. In addition to the weekly night tours, a full moon climbing tour is offered monthly; May thru October. Ticket sales for both the weekly night climbs and monthly full moon tours may be purchased in person beginning one day before the tour.  Limited to 12 people, reservation needed.

Fourth of July Spectacular Fireworks from the Top!   $20 per person - No discounts applied - Limited to 12 people - Reservation Needed! 

What to expect when you climb the lighthouse....

The climb is strenuous.  The 122 spiral steps to the top is the equivalent of climbing a ten story building.  The stair-steps have an open grated tread design with a standard 7 1/2 inch rise and have a handrail only on one side.  There is a landing/rest point every 31 steps at each window where you can catch your breath and take in the ascending view.  There is no air conditioning.  It may be noisy, humid, hot and dim inside the Lighthouse.

Visitors with heart, respiratory or other medical conditions that make climbing stairs difficult, should use their own discretion whether to climb the Lighthouse.

What you can see from the top....

  • To the North are views of Summersville Lake, Lonetree Mountain, with the town of Summersville and the headwaters of the Gauley River lying beyond.
  • To the East beyond Fowler Knob lies the town of Richwood and the North and South Forks of the Cherry River.
  • To the South beyond Mount Lookout are views of Sewell Mountain.
  • To the West are incredible sunsets overlooking the Gauley River National Recreation Area, Carnifex Ferry Battlefield & State Park and Gauley Mountain.

REMEMBER:  All Lighthouse Tours are weather permitting and are subject to change without notice.

For your safety....

Please follow the following rules:

  • Children must be at least 42 inches tall and capable of climbing the steps on their own.
  • Children under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.
  • Proper footwear recommended.  No flip flops, shoes without ankle straps, heels or bare feet permitted.
  • Please leave backpacks, tripods, large bags in your vehicle.  Handheld items without a wrist strap in use are not permitted.
  • Food, Drinks, or Smoking are not permitted inside of Lighthouse.
  • Running, jumping or stomping on stairs/landings is prohibited.
  • No pets inside of Lighthouse.
  • The penalty for throwing or dropping a dangerous object from any structure or overpass causing injury would be a Class Felony with a maximum fine of $2,000, term of imprisonment of four years or both.
  • The penalty of throwing or dropping a dangerous object from any structure or overpass causing death would be a Class Felony with a maximum fine of $10,000, a maximum term of imprisonment of ten years, or both.

Admission will be available on a first come, first served basis and are only available onsite. Admission is available for the day of purchase.

The Official Dedication & Lighting Ceremony of the Summersville Lake Lighthouse was held on June 20, 2013

Radio Stations:  Broadcasted from the Top included: 3WS, CIR 103, Groovy and TNJ.

The 22nd Virginia Infantry Co "G" Hales Battery Civil War Reenactment Camp set up camp in the Valley below the Lighthouse with 2 cannons that were fired off during the event.

Throughout the day we will raffled off prizes and ALL proceeds from the raffles went to the
Nicholas County Career & Technical Center and the Fayette Institute of
Technology for helping us with the Lighthouse Project. 2 Grand Prizes were
drawn at 6 PM Raffles tickets at the Summersville Lake Retreat tent. 

Prizes donated by Summersville Lake Retreat
Campground & Cabins, Summersville Lake Lighthouse, River Expeditions, Ace, Bridgewalk, Prior to This Jewelry, Gene Bishop Garage, Scentsy by Stacy High, Smallies on the New, Appalachian Propane & Supply, No Place Like Home Primitives, Allison's Country Girl Candles, Chili's, Olive Garden, Logan's Roadhouse, Beckley Exhibition Mine, Pies & Pints, Sweet Frog in Beckley, Starbucks, etc.

Food and Art
Vendors included: Summersville Lake Retreat Commemorative Prints, Mugs & T-Shirts, The "Lemon" Ade Stand, Open Arms Baptist Church Bake Sale, Dickie's BBQ,
White Auto & Campers, Mountain Mama Regatta, Jan Care, US Army Corps of Engineers Water Safety, WV Forestry and the DNR Law Office, 10% Pottery, Quilts & Crafts, Kirkwood Winery, Sheetz Coffee Truck, Susan Rogers Nautical Jewelry, "The Merry Cat" Mary Almond, Wild Mountain Soap Company, Wilderness Fire Department Fire Engine, and the National Guard, The Tractor Bar T-Shirts and the Big Kahuna Funnel Cakes, Ribbon Fries & Cheesesteaks. 

The Event Tent was sponsored by Summersville Lake Retreat and the Star Federal Credit Union.

The United States Postal Service had a Station set up doing pictorial postmarks to mark the event.

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