Motorized Boat Rental Policy

Updated 07.31.2022

A Summersville Lake Retreat & Lighthouse (SLR) waiver/liability form must be completed/signed by the renter and all boat captains.   The primary boat captain/renter accepts responsibility for both the well-being and actions of all occupants of the rental boat.

All motorized boat rentals require FULL PAYMENT via major credit card for rental plus a security deposit when making a reservation.  Our Boats are available for rental Rain or Shine. There are no refunds or credits if you choose not to use the boat.   If you don’t show up or call us within one hour of your rental time you will forfeit your boat for the day with no refund.   

Boat rental pickup is at 9am on the date of the rental unless another time is pre-arranged.  If you will be late for pickup please let us know in advance. Return of the boat is required by 6pm unless another time is pre-arranged.  A late return fee of $25 for every 15 minutes late will be applied.  There is an additional fee of $25.00 for up to 2 dogs.

There is a passenger and weight limit on each boat that must be complied with.  We permit a maximum of 2 dogs on our boats.   Life jackets will be provided for all passengers, please make us aware of any special needs.  Children under 13 must wear life jackets at all times while on our boats.

All boat renters/captains must be a licensed driver over the age of 25 years, with current vehicle insurance.  Boat Captains must have a current Boater’s safety card.  You can obtain a lifetime boater’s safety card from however our on-site Instructors can issue you a card good for one day on the morning of your boat rental.   The assigned Boat Captain is the only person that can drive the boat. The Boat Captain/Renter shall be held financially responsible for any damage or loss to watercraft/equipment while in their care.

Boat rental is for use of boat and trailer, you must provide a suitable vehicle to tow the vehicle to the boat ramp or previously arrange with us to have the boat towed to the lake for you.   The person towing the boat to the boat dock must have an adequate tow vehicle with a class II hitch or better and have trailer towing competency.   Ask us before you book if you aren’t sure about your vehicle or skills to trailer or launch the boat. 

Prior to release of the boat on the day of the rental the Boat Captain must provide:

  • Copy of current driver’s license
  • Copy of current vehicle insurance for tow vehicle
  • Boaters Safety card (or attend our same day training)
  • SLR signed waiver/liability form
  • Signed safety checklist
  • Major credit card for $1000.00 security deposit

A safety checklist will be completed by SLR staff with the Boat Captain prior to departure covering information on Summersville Lake, local rules and regulations, location of lifejackets, safety equipment, safe boating/towing operation, and emergency contact information. A walk around inspection will note any existing damage. SLR staff will inspect tow vehicle and connect the boat trailer to the tow vehicle. The boat trailer and tow vehicle must not be disconnected during the rental period. The boat will have a full tank of gas when you receive it.

Upon return an inspection of the boat by SLR staff will be completed. Once staff verifies that there is no damage or missing equipment the security deposit charge will be reversed from the credit card on file. If damage has occurred, the security deposit will be held until costs for repairs can be assessed and paid for by renter. Any balance in excess of security deposit is responsibility of renter including loss of revenue if boat is inoperable.  Any balance remaining after repairs are completed will be refunded.

The following are not permitted on the boats: Towing people from the boat. Use of gas grills. Use of alcohol.

We refill the fuel tank onsite when the boat is returned at the end of the day and you will pay for what is used prior to your departure. Do not attempt to refill the boat yourself. 

Current Boat availability:

Pontoon Boat – Bennington 10 Passenger w/ 50hp outboard 
Pontoon Boat – Sun Tracker 10 Passenger deluxe w/ 60hp outboard
Pontoon Boat – Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 6 person w/ 50hp outboard 
Bass Boat – Bass Tracker 3 person bass boat with 20hp outboard 

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